Short Lesbian Slang Dictionary to Use While Engaged in Adult Chat

Before you are outsmarted by other participants while engaged in a certain adult chat online, it will be good to get familiarized with the various slang words used and what their meanings are.

In this post, we have included a few common slang words that people often apply while engaged in an adult lesbian chat. In case you have no idea what people are talking about, you can keep this slang dictionary with you to enjoy the chatting more.


Someone who is so stereotypically gay that you can recognize them from a distance of 100 feet.

Bed death

The stereotype that female relationships will eventually end up with a sexless existence


Someone only engages in certain lesbian activities under the alcohol influence.


Someone who is usually submissive in bed.

Chap-stick lesbian

Someone who presents somewhere in between masculine and also feminine.


When someone will get in your way of hitting on or just getting it on to someone on whom you are interested in.

Drag king

For entertainment or fashion, a person who wears in attire more traditionally worn by any men with excessive masculinity and also in masculine gender roles.


Another term generally used for lesbian.


A feminine lesbian

Golden penis

A term generally used by any strange men who tend to believe that they also can cure any lesbians with their penises.


Someone who often claims herself to be a certain lesbian or bisexual, however, who actually sleeps with or dates men.


Someone who can be a top and also a bottom within the bedroom hence she can switch between dominant and submissive.


Someone who may try anything


When lesbians spend heavily in a relationship. Lesbians, for example, move in together with their pets after 3 days of courtship.